DevOps Engineer (Networks & Programming) – Shape the Future with Innovation

Dive into Dooer, where we’re seeking a Junior DevOps Engineer ready to write the next chapter in our story. With a passion for networks and programming, join us in revolutionizing the tech landscape. We’re not just a company; we’re a movement, and we need your skills and passion to help us make an impact.

🌟 About You – The Network & Code Saga

You’re the DevOps engineer who thrives on challenges and seizes every opportunity to grow, perfecting your craft in both networking and coding. Your GitHub isn’t just a repository; it’s a testament to your dedication to network configurations and your journey of continuous learning and iteration.

You have always had a passion for DevOps. From setting up home networks, configuring cloud environments, to experimenting with virtual servers and automating routine tasks with scripts, your journey in tech began early and has only grown. Your projects showcase a dedication to experimenting with and perfecting the nuanced interplay between networking and coding.

You were always a techy person, you most likely use a Linux machine and love diving deep into containerization with Docker and Kubernetes, exploring new IDEs or experimenting with the latest programming frameworks and languages.

🔍 Your Quest – Innovate, Integrate, Inspire

  • You will be making a new CI/CD wrapper layer, where our intent is to rethink the way you could stitch together all infrastructure in the world and make it simple for operation staff and the end users.

  • Develop and maintain network configurations and automation scripts across diverse environments, taking pride and ownership in your work.

  • Craft clean, well-documented code and configurations that serve as benchmarks for quality and stand the test of time.

🛠️ Join Us – Your Role in Our Journey

  • Take Charge: From day one, take ownership of your projects. You’ll have the space and support to grow, backed by a team that values independence and proactive problem-solving.

  • Learn and Lead: Our culture thrives on mentorship and advancing our team members. Transition swiftly from a junior engineer to an adept professional who flourishes in our dynamic, agile environment.

⚙️ Your Path Forward – Skills and Growth

Your Git repo and exploration in cloud platforms like AWS, Linode, or GCP reflect your capability, passion, and the diversity of your technical pursuits. You are driven by passion first, profession second, and your portfolio narrates this compellingly.

  • You have knowledge of all parts needed to build and manage infrastructure, from configuring DNS settings to setting up various network protocols. Your expertise extends to managing CI/CD pipelines and more.

  • You possess a robust foundation in network management, automation tools, and programming languages.

🚀 Unleash Your Potential: Innovate, Configure, Transform! – Apply Now!

Ready to network and code with a purpose and passion? Send us a hello—let’s keep it simple. Express yourself in your own words, based on what you’ve just read and what’s now at the top of your mind. We value spontaneity and breaking away from convention.

Dare to dream, dare to code, dare to join us. The future doesn’t configure itself, after all. See you soon, scroll down and apply now.

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