Content Marketing Specialist – Engage, Influence, Inspire

🌟 About You – The Storytelling Maestro

Join us at Dooer, where we’re on a quest to redefine communication in the tech industry. We are looking for a Content Marketing Specialist who is not just skilled in content creation but thrives on crafting stories that resonate and engage. If you have a history of passionate storytelling across various mediums such as writing, filmmaking, or blogging, and are ready to drive innovative marketing strategies, this position is for you.

You see every piece of content—be it a blog, video, or podcast—as a piece of art that carries the power to influence and inspire. You have expertise in video editing and production, and your love and a deep understanding of narrative techniques, such as pacing, tone modulation, and the effective use of silence and non-sound, makes you the perfect candidate to help us launch and lead our content marketing plan.

This is the quality of the content you will be creating, but more varied, from short clips to docuseries:

🛠️ Join Us – Your Role in Our Narrative

  • Strategic Storytelling: From crafting compelling stories to producing engaging multimedia content, you will lead our narrative across all platforms.

  • Content Creation: Utilize your video editing skills and storytelling acumen to create high-quality videos, podcasts, and live streams that align with our brand’s vision.

  • Innovative Communication: Work closely with our marketing team to develop and implement groundbreaking content strategies that set new industry standards.

  • Personal Growth: Work directly with a team that is there to empower you to learn, grow and conquer new challenges.

🔍 Your Quest – Engage, Influence, Inspire

  • Develop and Implement: You will help build a company that is open in its communication, that broadcasts and shows everything from internal meetings and workshops to conversations with clients, events and much more. We will create a blueprint on how to become an open company.

  • Collaborate and Lead: Work alongside a team that values creativity and innovation. Your input will help shape the future of our company’s communication strategies.

  • Quality and Impact: Produce content that is not only high-quality but also impactful, ensuring it engages our target audience and drives our brand forward.

⚙️ Your Path Forward – Skills and Growth

  • Storytelling Expert: You have demonstrated your passion for storytelling through various forms of media and possess a sophisticated grasp of narrative techniques.

  • Technical Proficiency: Highly skilled in video editing and production with a thorough understanding of the latest tools and techniques in digital media.

  • Visionary Outlook: You are innovative and capable of conceptualizing new ideas for future-forward communication strategies.

  • Cultural Fit: You are a team player with excellent social skills, capable of thriving in a dynamic, collaborative environment.

🚀 Unleash Your Potential: Create, Influence, Transform!

Are you ready to join a team where content creation is not just a job but a passion? If you’re excited by the thought of crafting stories that shape the tech industry, we’d love to hear from you.

Apply Now! Step into a role where your creativity contributes directly to our story of innovation. Let your artistry flow—send us a message about why you’re the perfect fit based on what you’ve read and what excites you about joining Dooer.

Dare to innovate, inspire through storytelling, and be a part of shaping the future with Dooer. The future of tech communication needs your voice and vision. Apply today and join our journey!

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